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Constitutional and Chronic Conditions

 Chronic conditions of all types may be helped with well-selected and managed homeopathic remedies. 

Depression                    Indigestion                         High blood pressure                                  Autism                        Menopause

Anxiety                          Crohn's Disease                 Lyme Disease                                              ADD/HD                    Infertility

Grief                               Diabetes                              Cancer                                                          Alzheimer's                Hormonal imbalance

Addition                        Eating Disorders                Sexually Transmitted Infections              Arthritis                      Menstrual issues

Though you may come with a diagnosis, each case is taken carefully to assess your unique symptoms, characteristics and circumstances.  

'To restore the sick to health' is my mission as a homeopath. Removal of your symptoms may only be the start of what 'health' means to you. I'm committed to helping you reach your highest state of health with homeopathy, which is more than just 'pain free.'


Increased energy, creativity, emotional balance, and a greater sense of freedom and capability are just a few of the results you may experience as a result of deep homeopathic care. 

Here for you,

anywhere you are

I offer homeopathic consultations to anyone, around the world, as long as you have a phone or internet connection.

Secure, reliable Zoom video appointments, or by Facetime/phone. 

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