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Community Classes - Belfast, Maine

Homeopathy is a unique modality, in that it's fundamental principles are easy to learn and apply as a home prescriber. 

It's safe and derived from natural materials, perfect for young families and care-givers looking for a reliable, non-toxic, natural approach to wellness and home health care. 

I became a homeopath after using remedies at home with my young children for a couple of years, and being blown away by the results. I was empowered and amazed, and I wanted to learn more! 

I'm excited to offer these four classes to Midcoast Maine area residents. Bring a friend and be inspired! 



Bring homeopathy into your home

Remedies, wellness philosophy, and skills to last a lifetime! 

Cold and Flu, Cough and Snot! 


October 28, 2018


They say winter is cold and flu season, but you'll use what you learn in this class year-round. 

Examples of the illness topics we'll cover: 

  • top remedies for typical presentations of cough: loose, dry, all-day, all-night

  • the benefits of a fever and remedies to support the immune system's efforts 

  • relief for stubborn sinus pressure and pain 

Homeopathic skills such as: 

  • determining important symptoms and characteristics

  • choosing a remedy

  • when and how to dose the remedy

  • evaluate the remedy reaction, and what to do next 

You'll leave with exclusive materials, samples, and confidence. 

$55-85 sliding scale; must pre-register. Minimum of 3, maximum of 8

Homeopathy for Young Children and their Care-givers


Dec. 2, 2018


Many people, such as myself, look for natural, safe support for our children when illness, injury, and rough times come around. It's hard enough to see little ones not feelings well; you want to feel *good* about what you offer for support. 

This class will make homeopathic philosophy and its application for home use clear and approachable. 

Some topics covered: 

  • when and what conditions and symptoms are suitable for at home, homeopathic care, and when to seek professional help. 

  • determining appropriate developmental behavior, and when to consider support. 

  • homeopathic philosophy and application of remedies at home including choosing a remedy, dosing, and evaluation

  • an in-depth look at must-have remedies at home for babies, children AND their care-givers... you need support too! 


You'll leave with exclusive materials, samples, confidence, and recommendations for further study and support. 

$55-85 sliding scale; must pre-register. Minimum of 3, maximum of 8

Homeopathic Philosophy for Seekers 


January 27, 2019


Many people turn to homeopathy for its efficacy and safety. 

They are surprised to learn that homeopathy is founded on a deep philosophy that puts health and wellness, adversity and growth, history and heritage, the energetic flow of life and the natural world into profound perspective. 

Whether you've been using homeopathy for years, or have never used it before and are just curious, join me for what will be a fascinating afternoon of riveting conversation, exploration, and examination. 

A few of the topics covered: 

  • How our family heritage affects us, in more ways than genetics

  • The idea of susceptibility, and how we find ourselves in cycles of adversity and growth

  • How we as humans resonate with the frequencies of the natural world 

  • What disease can tell us about what we need, and how we can change to move into greater wellness and balance. 

You'll leave with exclusive materials, samples, and hopefully more questions than answers :) 

$55-85 sliding scale; must pre-register. Minimum of 3, maximum of 8

 Homeopathic Healing from Injury 


April 2, 2019


Our bodies take the brunt of the movement in our lives, but they also the reflect our inner lives. 

Injury can be the result of an accident or trauma, but also from stress, shock, and habits. 

We'll take a look at how our body's aches and pains are speaking to us, and specifically how homeopathy can support healing and change. 

Some topics we'll cover: 

  • the difference between outer and inner injury, as well as the complex merging of both

  • the mind-body connection

  • using homeopathic remedies in conjunction with body-work modalities

  • homeopathic skills such as assessing important symptoms, choosing remedies, dosing, repetition and evaluation. 

This class is especially recommended for body-workers and other complimentary practitioners. 

You'll leave with exclusive materials, samples, and lots of food for thought! 

$55-85 sliding scale; must pre-register. Minimum of 3, maximum of 8

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