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Kelly Callahan RSHom(NA), CCH, PCH

My story

I grew up in a college town in Maine, immersing myself in as many activities as I could. An early interest in environmental issues fed into a passion for nature and being outdoors, wilderness expeditions, traveling, and organic farming. I left my little state as soon as I could, seeking.  I lived on the west coast for eight years, including four years of college at the most beautiful place one can possibly study (or... not study so much). My desire to be immersed in the wilderness blended with an inherent drive to teach and help others find their special place in wild spaces.

I worked with college students, elementary students, adults, corporate teams on ropes courses and experiential learning games. I brought at-risk youth to the Sierra mountains, and watched as awe worked its magic. I became a student at Headwaters Outdoor School in Mt. Shasta, Ca., learning traditional earth living skills and philosophy, the power of community, vision, and transformation. Through it all, I watched the transformation of others, as well as the pain of desperately seeking transformation and healing, but hindered by blocks we often cannot perceive.


It was motherhood that propelled me to find homeopathy. Truthfully, I really didn't know anything about it, other than it was natural and safe for babies. I had always been drawn to holistic medicine, like an internal compass. I asked around, was referred to an excellent Homoeopath/MD in town, and made an appointment. Although we had great success with our first remedies, myself included- I still didn't quite "get it." I didn't comprehend the power of those little remedies until my son was born. 


My second labor was fast and furious and my son was born with the cord around his neck and needing some oxygen. Once he pinked up, he screamed.  We rocked him, sang to him, gently massaged him. Nothing. A newborn scream for anything longer than oh, two seconds, is nerve wracking, but this went on for minutes. My midwife asked if I had any Aconite and indeed I did. With a second of putting a few small globules of the remedy on his tongue his screaming ceased, and he looked into our eyes for the first time. 

I can say now, looking back, that that was my conversion moment. In that first year I bought my first home prescribing books and started reading and experimenting with reportization (the process of finding remedies by cross referencing symptoms). I was amazed when I found that Spongia took care of my son's croupy cough overnight. And more amazed still that a dose of Antimonium tartaricum cleaned up that goopy, wet cough that rattled in his lungs.  I had to know more, and having decided that I would not return back to full-time teaching, I began to look for homeopathic training programs. 

Initially I studied with Nancy Frederick, CCH RS (Hom) at the Baylight School of Homeopathy, and then went on to further studies at the Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathy with Jeremy Sherr, as well as occasional other seminars with Louis Klein, Farokh Master, and others. 


  A deep remedy in itself, is the study of homeopathy. Meanwhile, I juggled and grew through being a Mom of two small children, a house renovation, the inherent ebbs and flows of marriage... Through it all, learning homeopathic philosophy and practice, and my own treatment have kept me on course. I cannot overstate my gratitude for this practice.




CCH: Certified Classical Homeopath

RSHom(NA): Registered, North American Society of Homeopaths

PCH: Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy (awarded by Dynamis School)

Baylight Center for Homeopathy

My initial professional practitioner program, with Nancy Frederick CCH, RSHom(NA). In-depth and cutting edge, I was exposed to masters such as Lou Klein and Jan Scholten early in my homeopathic studies. 

Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathy

I knew I wanted to study with Jeremy Sherr from my first look at Three years of deep study with one of homeopathy's best was like a slingshot to the depths and practicality of my practice.

I majored in environmental studies and natural history while working weekends as an outdoor guide exploring the coast, mountains, deserts, and special places of California. 

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